Q Magazine Rates Fool's Gold 3 Stars


The September issue of Q Magazine rates FOOL'S GOLD as 3 stars. Robin Turner reviews the upcoming album Leave No Trace, describing "Los Angeleans' Paul Simon-channelling second LP.

From Vampire Weekend's omnipresent A Punk to Cloud Control's joyous antipodean racket, the unlikely influence of Paul Simon's Graceland perseveres. La five-piece Fool's Gold - led by Lewis Pesacov and Luke Top - are the latest to weave world music through traditional, guitar/bass/drums rock'n'roll. Leave No Trace sounds not unlike a late- '80s John Peel Festive 50 playing all at once as African swing collides with C86 swagger. Opener The Dive sounds like The Cure's Just Like Heaven re-recorded by The Mightly Lemon Drops, while Street Clothes mainlines the languorous funk of Orange Juice. Festival ubiquity beckons."