NPR's Ann Powers' Shout Out to Nikki Lane


Excerpt from: Move The Crowd: A Report From The Americana Music Awards

The most interesting music I heard in Nashville — or heard about from others' enthusiastic reports, given the hectic realities of any music fest — resists those conservative tendencies by connecting to the aspects of American roots music that are playful and boundary-pushing. Made by artists who want to move a crowd, not earn its hush reverence, this kind of Americana opens more doors than it closes.

The neo-honky tonk of Hayes Carll and Elizabeth Cook taps into the rabble-rousing outlaw country tradtion to address contemporary issues like the current conflicts in the Middle East, or mostly hidden subjects, like drug addiction's affect on families. At the other end of the country spectrum, camera-ready ingénue NIKKI LANE follows the lead of self-created characters like Dolly Parton or Bobbie Gentry in creating a sound and image that's as much about Hollywood as it is about some rural "holler."

- Ann Powers

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Nikki Lane's debut album 'Walk of Shame' is available now on our sister label IAMSOUND.