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Quiet Company - 'We Are All Where We Belong'

At a time when Austin bands seem to largely eschew rock and roll ambition in favor of more stripped-down, minimalist, garage-rock pastiche, Quiet Company swung for the fences in making the year’s biggest, most anthemic rock album – and succeeded in making it the best of the year, as well. Packed with heavy religious themes — the album roughly sounds like a soundtrack to losing one’s faith – as well as sly, nerdy in-jokes (astute listeners will catch the Batman and Star Wars references in the song titles), We Are All Where We Belong is a powerhouse concept album. The song titles are stuffed with exclamation points; one of the record’s signature tracks, “Preaching To The Choir Invisible,” is divided into two parts; and Muse’s voice, which sounds like a mix of Nada Surf’s Matthew Caws and Neutral Milk Hotel’s Jeff Mangum, sings unabashedly about the big ideas he’s packed into this record. Quiet Company’s ambition pays off huge on We Are All Where We Belong, and in a year where most artists were content not to aim particularly high, it makes this album a clear standout.

- Dan Solomon

'Where Are All Where We Belong' was mixed by TIM PALMER.