SUPES’ ON: The Guild Of Music Supervisors (founded in 2008) will present its own awards on Sunday at its second annual Grammy Day Brunch, which will be held at Magnolia downtown.

The event has been expanded to nine categories this year, covering best music supervision in indie films ($20m and under), films over $20m, studio films, trailers, reality TV/live, TV overall, TV long-form (movies and mini-series), studio TV and games. Said GMS President and Co-Founder Maureen Crowe: “The Guild of Music Supervisors Awards acknowledges excellence in the field of music supervision who strive to advance the storytelling power of music in media. We are thrilled to expand our awards this year and shed light on all the great work being done by music supervisors.”

Among the prominent nominees are GEORGE DRAKOULIAS, Alex Patsavas, Lia Vollack, PJ Bloom, Gary Calamar, Liza Richardson, John Houlihan and Evyen Klean. (2/8a)