TIME OUT Reviews Indus Creed's 'Evolve'


... Like I said, they are all giants on their respective instruments and it shows, the playing on the album is just spotless. The vocals of Uday should be the blueprint for young singers who want to learn how to sing their own style rather than being an imitation.

Another thing, the mix by TIM PALMER is just pure bliss. Drum-heavy, (which works out great when your drummer kicks ass), atmospheric, lush and warm, this is one good-sounding album. Very progressive in nature, and in my humble opinion is a return of superlative songwriting to the Indian rock scene,.

In short, buy it, and listen to some of the best songs that have come out in a while. All the talk about mixes and so on would fall to the wayside if the songs weren't good. They are, so order now. A big thank you to Indus Creed for this album. 17 years in the making and boy did they make it.

- Time Out